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Join the R.T.F.C. Team

Do you want to be part of something bigger than yourself?

Want to give back to the community?

The Raritan Township Fire Company consists of 100% volunteers. Our members could be your doctor, teacher, or even neighbor. These men and women have taken on the challenge and duty of protecting the community. Firefighting will test your physical and mental capabilities in an exciting yet useful way. You will be contributing to our community's safety and security. You will find a special kind of camaraderie among all members of the emergency services and learn new skills and hone old ones with the assistance of our seasoned veterans. You will enjoy a unique sense of involvement. Best of all, you'll gain the overall feeling of satisfaction that comes from serving your family, neighborhood, and community. 

No previous experience in firefighting is necessary to join. We provide all the equipment and training at no cost to you. What we are looking for is your time and enthusiasm. Initial training to become a firefighter is done at the Hunterdon County Emergency Services Training Academy located in Annandale, NJ. Although some may think of firefighting as something that requires only brute strength, it is an art acted on primarily by logic and reasoning. The truth is that the two most important qualities we look for in a firefighter are creative thinking and the willingness to learn because much of what we do is problem-solving. We are proud of our members’ diversity because it helps us look at situations from every angle. We need your unique perspective and specialized knowledge.

Those who don’t wish to respond to emergencies can still be involved by becoming Junior members, who, along with firefighting members, help with things like fundraising activities, catering events, cleaning and maintaining our trucks and equipment, and keeping our building and grounds clean. There’s sure to be something you can do.

General Membership

This is where most of our members lye as this classification goes to all firefighters/non-firefighters 18 years or older. Roles can include:
-Fire Police
-Driver (chauffer)


Associate Membership

RTFC is now offering Associate Membership to firefighters who are currently:

-active members of another volunteer or career department

-living within 3 miles of the Raritan Township border and/or

-employed locally in Raritan Township


Associate Membership offers you the flexibility to train and run calls while you’re in the area without committing to the higher attendance rates connected to Standard Membership. 

Associate Members are only required to:

-Participate in one training night per month with RTFC

-Provide a monthly training record from your primary department

-Remain active responding to calls when available and in the area


Junior Membership

Young men and women between the ages of 15 and 18 that wish to volunteer may join the Department as Junior Firefighters. Upon acceptance into the program, all Junior firefighters are issued a complete set of firefighting gear along with a pager system that they can carry with them. All Junior firefighters respond to calls the same way other firefighters respond as well as perform many essential tasks on the fire ground. All Junior firefighters are also welcome and encouraged to attend all company level meetings and drills. As well as all parades and departmental functions.

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If you are interested in joining or would like more information, you can stop by any Monday evening at 7 pm. The firehouse (Station #1) is located at 303 S. Main Street Flemington, NJ OR fill out the form. Our membership committee will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Steps to Joining the RTFC Family


  1. Fill out the RTFC Interest Form for more information (Optional)

  2. Obtain an Application Packet from the membership committee

  3. Complete the application packet

  4. Turn in the application packet digitally to OR bring it by any Monday night at 7 PM at 303 S Main Street Flemington, NJ

All membership questions:

If form does not load click HERE

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