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Retired 21 Fire Apparatus


Retired Tower Ladder 21

1993 Simon/LTI 100 FT tower ladder

  • 6 person enclosed cab

  • 2000 GPM pump

  • 350 gallon water tank

  • 500 FT of 5 inch supply hose

  • Dual 1000 GPM monitors

  • Diesel powered generator


Retired 21-60

1985 Dodge Ramcharger Chiefs Vehicle​

High and Low band radios in the front and rear to allow for on scene command. This was probably one of the first if not the first vehicle with a command box. It was retired in the late 90's after we accdepted a 1996 Suburban as a replacement, whereas then it was given to the assistant chief to use.


Retired Engine 21-1

1989 KME Engine

  • 7 person enclosed cab

  • 1250 GPM pump

  • 1250 gallon water tank

  • 75 gallon class B foam tank

  • 1300 FT of 5 inch supply hose

  • 800 FT of 3 inch supply hose

  • Hydraulic rescue tools

  • Light vehicle rescue equipment

  • Hazardous Materials response equipment

  • By current county apparatus standards, this vehicle met the criteria for "Squad" designation in the early 1990's, arguably making it Hunterdon's first Squad Pumper.


Retired 21-82 Brush

1984 Ford F-350 Brush Truck with slide in skid unit

Based on a Ford F-350, this unit had a single wheel rear axle with a pump and tank skid unit built by the FMC company. Due to the weight of the skid unit it was the decision of the officers that the top speed was no more than 45 MPH otherwise the truck wandered all over the road. The skid unit had a single reel with forestry line, a 200 gallon tank, and gasoline powered pump. Upon delivery of a new brush unit, the skid unit was sold to the Lambertville FD and placed in their utility truck. This truck was turned over to the Township for use as a service vehicle for the Township Department of Public Works and is still in use today. The trailer seen here is retired unit 21-83 and was used as a HAZMAT trailer.


Retired Engine 21-2

1986 Ford C/ Emergency One

  • 5 person cab

  • 1250 GPM pump

  • 750 gallon water tank

  • 35 gallon class B foam tank

  • 1000 FT of 5 inch supply hose

  • 400 FT of 3 inch supply hose

  • 3 200 ft 1 3/4 inch preconnects

  • 1 250 ft 2 1/2 inch preconnect


Retired Engine 21-63

1983 Ford C-8000/ FMC

  • Caterpillar 3208 deisel engine

  • 1000 gpm pump

  • John Bean High Pressure pump

  • 750 gallon water tank

  • 1000 feet of LDH supply hose

  • First apparatus to carry LDH in Hunterdon County

  • Vehicle has been replaced by a 2003 Seagrave Quint


Our Fleet in 1978

1978 Dodge Power Wagon, Dodge Tanker, REO Pumper

Shown here in Station 1 is partially our fleet circa 1978. From left to right is our brush truck, a Dodge Power Wagon, one of our tankers, a Dodge Power Giant/Hahn with a front mounted pump, our 1976 Ford/Hammerly Service Truck, and our1964 REO/John Bean Pumper.


Retired Tanker 21-72

1974 Ford/ Great Eastern 1500 Gallon Tanker

This truck is a Ford L 8000 with a V8 engine and a 5 speed manual transmission. Originally this vehicle had a steel water tank and a 2 1/2 inch rear discharge. There were also a single 2 1/2 inch intake for filling the water tank, 1 per side of the vehicle. This vehicle also did not have a pump. Extremely impractical by today's standards. It was partially refurbished in the 1990's with new rear springs, a rebuilt engine, a new 10" rear dump, and a 1500 gallon poly tank. This truck was retired in the mid 2000's and is now used by the Raritan Township Department of Public Works for use on road projects.


Retired Special Service 21-2

1994 Ford Braun

Previously an Ambulance for the Flemington Raritan First Aid and Rescue Squad, was a  Fire Police response vehicle containing bulk equipment for larger assignments


Retired Utility 21

2002 F-350 Crew Cab

Utility 21 served many different roles and was used for many different purposes while with 21 Fire. This pickup was extremely versatile while transporting supplies, people, and serving as a fire police vehicle. This vehicle was pulled from duty due to maintenance issues.


Retired 21-60

1976 Dodge Monaco Station wagon Chiefs vehicle

Another in a line of chiefs vehicles for our fleet. This possibly replaced a 1966? Dodge Dart chiefs vehicle donated by Hampton Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge located in the township in the 1960's.


Retired 21-62

1970 GMC/Hahn pumper

​This engine like most early RTFC apparatus was based on a 2 door commercial truck chassis with the apparatus body built by Hahn Fire Apparatus. with much information for this vehicle not available, the pump is believed to be 750 GPM and a 500 gallon water tank. This vehicle responded from the Old Clinton Rd Fire Station until being replaced in 1986 by a Ford C8000/Emergency One engine.


Retired Special Service 21-1

1996 Freightliner

Originally utilized for technical rescues SS 21-1 played an integral part in the department's RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) and HAZMAT operations. This vehicle was sold to Three Bridges Fire Company, where it is now used for vehicle extrication and MVA's.


Retired Service 21-81

1976 Ford L series/ Hammerly

This unit was originally the tractor for pulling trailers. The frame was lengthened and the Hammerly body was installed. All of the equipment on the vehicle was purchased by the RTFC Ladies Auxilliary. The vehicle was retired in 1996 and served Raritan Twp as well as the entire county of Hunterdon as the Flemington Raritan First Aid and Rescue Squad's Collapse rescue unit.


Retired REO/John Bean

1964 Reo/John Bean high pressure pumper

The first apparatus ever purchased by the Rartian Township Fire Company


Retired Car 21-4

1994 Crown Victoria

Originally donated by the Raritan Township Police Department, this vehicle assisted in many RTFC operations with helping manage traffic during MVA's and special events. The vehicle has been decommissioned and does not plan to return to active service in another department.

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