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What is Fire Police?


Fire Police are volunteer fire company members who receive special training in order to provice safety to the public and first-responders on a fire scene. 

All R.T.F.C. Fire police are required to take a fire police course through the Hunterdon County Emergency Services Training Center. 


Fire Police Duties:

To regulate traffic at emergency scenes:
This shall include traffic at the scene of any emergency to which your department has been called until relieved by your chief, or the regular police agency upon arrival.

To protect firefighters while fighting fires:
Remember that we are all firefighters first, and secondly fire police. Our main objective is to provide adequate protection for the firefighters so that they may do their job without the interference of others.

To protect the general public at the scene of a fire:
Residents, owners, occupants, relatives, transients, spectators, and even the news media tend to hamper the operations. Tact and courtesy must be deployed to keep them safe and away from harm or obstructing fire operations.

To keep fire areas clear for fire fighting purpose:
Apparatus, emergency vehicles, service vehicles, firefighters' vehicles all need room to park, operate within, turn around, tanker operations and even hose line lays for fire-fighting operations, etc. always keep this space available and clear.

To protect the equipment of a fire company:
Keep all non-firefighters away from and especially off from department vehicles, and away from its equipment. Don't allow anyone to damage any equipment, prevent looting of equipment, also prevent someone from taking a department vehicle for a joyride.

To enforce the laws relating to firematic activities and firefighting techniques:
The reckless disregard for safe driving within an emergency area, driving over fire hoses, spectators disrespect for fire lines, non-emergency vehicles intrusions, these are only some of the laws we must be firm in controlling at the scene with respectability.

To cooperate with all regular police agencies:
We are all there for the same cause and reasons, to provide protection, safety and to prevent a situation from getting out of hand, therefore we must cooperate with each others basis of operations by working together efficiently.

To protect the property at the scene of a fire:

Until the Chief releases the fire police from duty and turns the responsibility over to other police agencies or to the owner. Allow no one to enter within the scene without proper identification or credentials. Be alert, we may see or hear something from a person that may have a direct bearing upon the situation, protect the scene's evidence, and report unusual events or happenings.

If you are interested in becoming a Fire Police member please email us at

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