2021 Santa Runs

Santa is currently at the North Pole getting ready for the holiday season. Check back here for updates and the tracking of Santa!

Countdown to Christmas!

2020 Operation Santa Complete!

Another Operation Santa in the books! Thank you to all of those who donated items/money to the department. All donations were greatly appreciated! 

Although this year has been a little different than those in the past we are glad Santa was able to come around and we look forward to it next year too! We understand there were some technical difficulties with the Santa Trackers. We apologize for this, as developer support for the application we typically used stopped suddenly at the very last minute. We hope to resolve any difficulties like this for next year. 
Santa has now returned to the North pole to prepare for Christmas!


-Happy Holidays from the RTFC Family

When is Santa Coming to Raritan Township?

2021 Dates:


Can you come to xxx Street?

We are currently not accepting ANY requests to come to a specific location. If you are unsure if we are coming down your street or not, you are more than welcome to see Santa at any other location we are heading to.

Why did Santa leave halfway through our neighborhood?

Please keep in mind that we do have an obligation to answer any emergency calls that could come in during those times. Santa may have to leave for calls as well as the weather. Also, keep in mind that we might have to delay or cancel a day if we encounter inclement weather.

How do I track santa?

The Santa tracker will be posted on our Facebook the day of Santa runs!

Which Santa Tracker (21-2, 21-1) do I use?

We will announce the area in which the apparatus that Santa will be responding to ahead of time