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Our Stations

The Raritan Township Fire Company operates out of 3 different firehouses located around the township, as well as 1 administrative building and 1 training structure.

Station #1

303 S. Main Street Flemington, NJ

R.T.F.C. Station #1 serves as the company's main station where many events and training drills are held. The fire station was originally constructed between 1959-1960 with all of the construction being done by the members. Originally a four-bay station, two of the original bays were closed in and turned into our current day meeting/classroom area. This is where the sign, logo and entrance door are now on the front wall. Two larger bays were installed for the future purpose of larger apparatus and currently runs the following:

  • Brush 21-1

  • Brush 21-2

  • Squad 21

  • Special Service 21-1

  • Tower Ladder 21

  • Utility 21

  • Gator 21-1

Station #2

9 Old Clinton Road Flemington, NJ

R.T.F.C. Station #2 located on the north end of the township. This station currently runs the following apparatus:

  • Engine 21

  • TAC 21

Station #3

141 Voorhees Corner Road Flemington, NJ

Station three was constructed during the early 1990's. It includes a kitchen, shower, locker room, and two rooms on the second floor, one for the officers and one as a meeting room. The appearance of the station was designed to "fit in" with the look of the surrounding development. This station runs the following apparatus:

  • Quint 21

  • Car 21-1

  • Car 21-3

Training and Administration

(Station #4)

1 Raritan Ave Flemington, NJ

R.T.F.C. Station #4 is not technically a station where we respond out of or even where trucks are kept, however, it serves as our administrative building where most meetings are held.


Right next to the meeting room is a training room where classes and presentations can be shown to better educate our members. Adjacent to the Admin building is our training structure. We use this building as a simulated residence to make the training as realistic as possible for our members.

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